Ultrasound Committee

Goals and Objectives : 

  • To promote and provide adequate training in Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)
  • To establish a locally tailored credentialing process for emergency physicians in the UAE based on recognized international POCUS curriculum.
    • Using the International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM) Point of Care US Model Consensus Curriculum, ESEM Ultrasound Committee established & published a pathway that will enable health care providers to be independent credentialed practitioner of basic point of care ultrasound. This pathway is supported by IFEM. (Read More)
  • To guide local hospitals in good governance in POCUS practice.
  • To promote research in POCUS
  • ESEM ultrasound Committee conducts basic and advanced POCUS courses that are provided on demand

Interested to learn more about ESEM POCUS Credentialing Pathway.. Click Here




Chair : Dr Mohammed Moheb & Dr Rasha Buhumaid