ESEM Toxicology Simulation Course (On demand)

Course Overview:

In this Course you will learn about risk assessment of the poisoned patient and how to approach and manage 7 different commonly presenting intoxications to the Emergency Department via high fidelity simulation.


Learning Objectives;

  • Demonstrate appropriate risk assessment for patients presenting with intentional or unintentional intoxication
  • Utilize differently available decontamination methods as indicated when establishing risk assessment.
  • Understand limitations of ACLS protocols when managing intoxicated patients.
  • Apply appropriate initial resuscitation of intoxicated patients and antidote use when indicated.
  • Learn how to function and manage dynamics of team work
  • Understand controversies in the use of newly available therapies like intravenous lipid emulsion, insulin-glucagon, L-carnitine.
  • Explain the role of pharmacological interactions in causing patients symptoms.
  • Describe different pharmacological actions of differently used drugs in managing intoxicated patients.