ESEM Logo Story

Emirate Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM) logo development went through multiple phases that started with the idea of forming the society.

1st LogoFirst phase was to create a logo that will present the specialty of Emergency medicine, our country UAE, and the name of the society. In this phase, three main designs with about 9 variations were produced.  The first logo has shape of falcon’s face; as representation of the UAE, ESEM letters where incorporated as part of stethoscope where it ends as the falcon eye, and ECG strip to represent the EM specialty (see ESEM 1st Logo proposal).


logo 2The second logo designed simply as ECG strip passing through the letters “ESEM”. It has red circle on the left where the ECG strip starts; that as representation of the EM. The different variation of the log had different distributions of UAE flag colors (see ESEM 2nd Logo proposal).


Logo3The third logo designed as an ECG strip passing through UAE map which was encircled to give it more shape. The name of the society was written around the circle with the letters ESEM below the logo (see ESEM 3rd logo proposal).
During January 2012, the society was stilling in the process of being established. The logos were presented among the residents of EM program in Tawam Hospital, and then they were sent by email to EM consultants who were involved in establishing ESEM.



Second stage started with the choice of the UAE map logo as the appropriate logo to represent ESEM. The new Addition to the previous logo was coloring UAE map with UAE flag colors. Emails from different members with suggestions of improvement of the logo lead to few changes. Multiple UAE map logos were produced with the UAE flag changed from right to left (its correct position) and different styling of the circle (see ESEM 4th logo proposal).

The Final logo was designed with the UAE map colored by UAE flag, with ECG strip running through it and the background circle is drown by ESEM writing in light brown color .

logo 5The inspiring piece of our logo story is that the design was done in house by one of our ESEM young members who her sister is talented in graphic design; they both had put an amazing effort over a year period of time to produce ESEM final logo that was used to launch ESEM on Oct  2012 (see ESEM first Logo that was used to launch ESEM).

As ESEM grew and it became more internationally involved, various ESEM supporters and collaborators has advised ESEM to change its logo and to develop a modern, unique logo that is time proof, works in black and white,  in a different scales and size and that has appropriate colors in order to represent ESEM at national, regional and international events. We then launched a logo contest seeking different designer’s ideas in order to select a new logo. The current ESEM logo (see ESEM current logo) was selected after reviewing more than 200 different designs by 9 different designers.


Acknowledgment to:
Maitha Alderai and her Sister (designer of ESEM first logo)
Aileen Culligan (Helped choosing  ESEM current logo)