ESEM Emergency Medicine Series (On demand)

ESEM Emergency Medicine Series courses are thematic courses that were developed to train and update groups of Emergency Departments practicing physicians on evidence based approach and management of common Emergency Department presenting complaints. The series include 9 thematic courses and 9 Hands on practical workshops. Each course is delivered over a full day and is 6 CME hours subject to approval.

The courses are available to be delivered on request. If any emergency department or any specific group is interested in one of our courses please contact us at:

Thematic Courses:

  1. Cardiovascular Emergencies
  2. MSK
  3. Critical Care
  4. Pediatrics Emergencies
  5. Neurological and Metabolic Emergencies
  6. Trauma
  7. Respiratory Emergencies/ ENT
  8. Special Population Emergencies
  9. Toxicological Emergencies

Practical Workshops:

  1. Airway Management
  2. Mechanical Ventilation Workshop
  3. Ortho Workshop: Cast and fracture reduction principles
  4. ESEM Emergency Department Ultrasound Basic course
  5. ESEM Emergency Department Ultrasound Advanced course
  6. Trauma Simulation
  7. Critical Care Simulation
  8. Critical Care Monitoring in ED
  9. Suture and Wound Management