ESEM Critical Care Monitoring Course (On demand)

Course Overview:

This Course offers a chance to re-learn the Emergency Department monitoring tools that we use daily to monitor our sickest patients. Workshop participants will learn the physiology of various monitoring devices, its clinical application and utility. During the practical sessions the workshop participants will have a chance to explore the various monitoring devices.



  • To review the principles of critical illness, hemodynamic un stability and resuscitation
  • To review the principles of Oxygen saturation monitoring and its limitation
  • To discuss the principles of ETCO2 monitoring, its utility in ED and its limitation
  • To discuss the basics of invasive and non-invasive BP monitoring
  • To discuss the principles of the CVP and its limitations as a measure of fluid status
  • To discuss the role of ED US in resuscitation – The RUSH Protocol
  • To discuss the new minimally invasive and non-invasive Cardiac Output monitors and its role in ED
  • To interpret the result of the hemodynamic monitoring and to utilize it to guide the use of inotropes, vasopressors and fluids in ED