ESEM Advanced Emergency Ultrasound Course- (On Demand)

Course Directors: Dr Mohammed Moheb, Dr Rasha Buhumaid

Maximum number of participants: 25


  • To Understand the principals of ultrasound physics and application of these principles to image acquisition and the interpretation of ultrasound artifacts
  • To Understand ultrasound instrumentation and demonstrate ability to acquire and optimize ultrasound images
  • To Understand the role of limited/goal-directed ultrasound in emergency and critical care settings.
  • To Perform high quality sonographic examinations for the following indications and appropriately interpret and integrate findings into clinical care:
    • Focused Biliary ultrasound
    • Focused Renal ultrasound
    • Focused Echocardiography
    • IVC assessment
    • Intrauterine pregnancy detection
    • Ocular Ultrasound
  • To Understand techniques and perform ultrasound procedures including
    • Thoracocentesis
    • Femoral nerve block
    • Lumber puncture


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