Dr. Ayesha Al Memari Recipient of Abu Dhabi Awards 2015

Warmest Congratulations to Dr Ayesha Al Memari Co-founder of ESEM who received Abu Dhabi Award 2015


Dr Ayesha Al Memari, 37, completed extensive education and training overseas to become the first Emirati physician to specialise in emergency medicine. Her sense of duty also recently led Dr Al Memari to volunteer in Yemen – providing emergency medical care to UAE soldiers serving in the Coalition Forces – making her the first, female civilian doctor to do so.

In addition, she continues to contribute to the expansion and advancement of emergency medical capabilities at Mafraq Hospital, where she is Consultant Emergency Medicine and Critical, EM Programme Director. Dr Al Memari is also head of the Abu Dhabi branch of the Emirati Medical Association; co-founder of the EMA-Mini Medical School, a programme open to the public to help develop their medical knowledge to improve their daily lives; and General Secretary of the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine, a non-profit organisation that brings together physicians and nurses working in emergency medicine.